Play as an explorer who intend to explore the Abyss that lies in the heart of the forest. The Abyss is rumoured to be the source of magical energy and have attracted many adventurers.

Instructions / Things that should be in a tutorial

  • QWEASDZC to move
  • X to wait and do nothing
  • ESCAPE/TAB to open/close status window (Browser's handling of ESCAPE can sometimes be tricky, so use TAB is recommended)
  • H to open additional help
  • Mouse to select. You can also hover to see details of items and status etc.
  • Right-click to use item / equip item
  • SPACE to select enemy to attack (spear can attack 2 square away), or you can bump to attack.
  • Hover over items and pressing 1-8 to hotkey the item

Tips / Hints

  • Don't try to kill everything
  • Conserve resources
  • Don't fight what you can't win.


Previously the graphics came from some free assets and majority of them have been redrawn from scratch. However, there are still some that are still using the free assets and I also want to give credits to them as they have helped me initially when I am still prototyping the game.

Also if you see something familiar and believe that I have missed out on crediting free assets, do let me know.

  • Dawnlike


There are some graphical issues on Safari. Not sure how to fix that at the moment.

Dev Note

Explore The Abyss (ETA) is created initially to explore the idea of a inventory based roguelike. However, it have since evolved into a game where I try to generate different type of maps with as little hand crafted pieces as possible. Each levels will eventually have different structures / features to them.

Also note that since this is a prototype,  so many of the things here are not final, including the name. Bookmark the game or follow me to get updates on the game.
The game is currently in active developments and updates are posted every week.

StatusIn development
Made withAseprite, Haxe
Average sessionAbout an hour

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